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Gluten intolerance became a fact of life in Founder Judy Malmon’s household in the early 2000’s. Quickly the frustrations of limited gluten free food choices and unsatisfying taste options became a reality. That’s also when she discovered that many people suffer from the same issue and frustration. This is when the journey “to making a difference in the GF community” began.

In 2006 Cooqi Gluten Free opened its doors of the neighborhood retail bakery in St. Paul Minnesota. Finally there was a place where people could get fresh, delicious, and wholesome gluten-free food. It was a hit from its very first day. Cooqi sold out its goods, hired more help, expanded its offerings, and quickly became a well-loved destination for people all over the Twin Cities area and beyond.

Although the bakery was very successful, Cooqi wanted to reach more people. A big decision was then made in 2010 to close the bakery and focus on the dream’s bigger picture of making a difference in the world of gluten-free. Full time efforts were then focused on a line of whole grain gluten-free baking flours and mixes that were developed and tested at the bakery. We know, based from our customers’ feedback that our products are truly the best around (and the best for you!).

In 2014 a decision was made to sell the business to a buyer who could continue to grow the company and reach more gluten intolerant people. In 2015, Cooqi’s successors were found and the business was sold to Lynn and Bryan Zart.

Today Cooqi is helping lead the way in the GF movement. Our mission remains the same, to improve people’s health through delicious gluten free food. Our products are made with freshly milled flours from whole grains, organic ingredients, with no transfats or refined sugars.

We understand the hardship faced by people living with gluten restrictions. Our products help remove these restrictions providing cookbook freedom and access to the best recipes on earth. Everything we make comes from our hearts, and we offer delicious joy and food freedom as a loving gift. We source local and organic ingredients and strive to minimize our use of non-renewable earth resources.

We thank you for reading “Our Story” and hope you try our products (we know you’ll love them). Cooqi Gluten-Free offers a line of artisan, organic whole-grain gluten-free baking mixes (see the Product tab for more details). Our products are available either on line or at your favorite grocer or coop (if you don’t see it, please ask for it by name and contact us.