I first came across this recipe, originally by Gale Gand, in my local newspaper's food section, but of course it was not gluten-free. After obsessing about how delicious it sounded, I adapted it using my pancake mix. These fritters are indeed as tasty as they seem!
A little spicy, a little sweet, a little bit of nutritious fruit and vegetable tucked into a yummy breakfast treat!
These are my kids' perennial and most-requested favorite!
People ask me all the time for a good recipe for banana bread. This one is easy and nutritious, much better than using a box mix, for not much more effort. It can be dairy-free, as well as nut-free. A great snack item to keep on hand for kids instead of packaged bars, crackers, cereals, etc. Feel free to throw in a ½ c. of chopped walnuts pecans, or sunflower seeds. Chocolate chips are also allowed. I recommend making smaller loaves, as it is difficult to get even baking through the middle with a larger loaf. Or, make muffins.
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