Cooqi’s Subversive Agenda: Better Health through Better Food!

There are other gluten-free products, to be sure—less expensive, more widely available, perhaps, ready-to-eat. What’s so special about what Cooqi offers?

Cooqi takes your health and nutrition as seriously as your taste buds, that’s what! The vast majority of GF products on the market currently are made from ingredients that offer little in the way of nutritional value. A good many list the first two ingredients as white rice flour and tapioca starch (go ahead, pick up a package and check!). And maybe the third ingredient is cornstarch. Meaning that these “foods” are almost pure refined carbohydrates—in other words, as your body reads it, sugar.

Cooqi understands that most folks who come to GF eating are recovering from digestive disorders, and many are in fact malnourished. We need more and better (not less and worse) quality and nutrition. That’s why everything we make starts with organic whole grains, milled and packaged in a single facility for maximum freshness. Whole grains impart the complete nutrition of the entire grain (including B vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber), and moderate the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Eating a variety of whole grains (every Cooqi product has at least three) ensures that a wider range of nutrients, including complementary amino acid profiles, become part of our diet. And plant-based foods that are grown and processed according to organic standards have been shown to limit ingested pesticide residues, and protect the earth and water supplies.

At Cooqi, we believe everything we eat should be delicious (to feed our spirit) and be nutritious (to feed our bodies). We make really yummy things from pure, real ingredients. That are also gluten-free. It’s revolutionary. And guess what? We aren’t forcing anyone to swallow this good-for-you agenda. People thank us daily for making what we make so good and also guilt- and worry-free. Cooqi’s delights are so wholesome and delicious, you don’t even have to be gluten-free to love them and feel good about eating them! And when it’s better for you—you can have MORE!!